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COPE e-Learning, is a source in history,which understands that success in the business world requires strategies. 

COPE e-Learning also understands that success is simultaneously dependent on constant changes.

The requirement for being a source for leadership stresses flexibility. This is what the history of success demands as a source in this highly competitive and changing environment.

Understanding and implementing viable change is a daunting task that confronts every leader.

For your assurance, COPE e-Learning experts are qualified

They have coped with the challenges to create sustainable change that you need.



Our philosophy:

All transactions are guarded with the highest security level and confidentiality.  Our approach instills a win-win situation that is unique to each company.  This is the primary reason we focus on custom solutions, for it takes advantage of opportunities your competitors can´t.  That’s what COPE e-Learning Center delivers to you.

Our commitment to results:
As your e-Learning business partner source, we stress the need to get involved in the work that is important to you.  By providing you with 100% success rate, this is the measuring tool we use to determine our success.  This is essentially why we consider every resources that are needed to sustain your capacity.

Our experience:

The challenges and stresses you face are transparent to us.  COPE e-Learning consultants have walked the path you are on.  As a source, history has demonstrated it.  They are professionals who once owned businesses in various regions of the world and industry you can possibly imagine.

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COPE!  No Matter If Stress Sets In.  COPE !

The history of online education provides a reputable source of information in studying how to combat stress on the job.  Coping with important strategies is the key. 

Therefore, to be listed as a reputable source that stresses the history and strategies in coping, one must demonstrate a life free of stress.  This is the key that will publicize the need as a source on the authority in strategies of stress.

As a professional source to e-Learning, COPE understands the history and strategies of stress that online students have coped with.  Outlining professional tools as a reliable source with sound strategies is at the core of the history of COPE.  Discipline, regardless of stress with proficient strategies are vital pillars to a history of success.  History demands that we capitalize on these proficient strategies, as a source, in order to reduce stress.  A quick search on Google search engine will reveal useful tips on the history and strategies in dealing with stress. 

During your online search, try Goggling Dr. Oz´s, 4 Ways to Stop Stress Fast.  The article is a source in history that will allow you to get in touch with your body.

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Strategies of Cope

  •     Information Technology certified individuals are guaranteed financial success of US$50,000 minimum annually.
  •     Start your personal (I.T.) upgrade via our web-based courses.
  •     All courses are certified by Ohio University for Continuing Education Unit and Professional Development Unit.
  •     In addition, sit and pass a certification examination and earn a college/university accredited transcript.
  •     Matriculate any passing grade into an undergraduate degree program.
  •     Employment opportunity is positive with a passing grade from the certification examination.
  •     Become self-disciplined and start studying from the comfort of your internet-based computer and at your pace.
  •     With an online score of 70% you can print your certificate of completion and request for a salary increase.
  •     Receive a certified certificate of completion from Ohio University by submitting your course series certificate of completion.